To create suota image for social distancing tag example

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To create suota image for social distancing tag example

Hello i am using wira sdk and social distancing tag example with version 1.0.6  

I want to add suota service to social distancing tag example.

I imported mkimage project to smart snippet studio but didnt got build successfully "mkimage.h not found".

suota service example is present in pxp reporter and it is working and i am able to update with suota android app.

How to create suota .img file for social distancing example tag project with bin file for da14695 


Thank you

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Hi jagath52,

Hi jagath52,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our WiRa solution.

The SUOTA service is not included in the Social Distancing Tag (SDT) example, as the fw can be updated over USB.

My recommendation would be to follow the pxp_reporter example of the SDK in order to include the SUOTA service and that add the SUOTA functionality.

Please take a look at section 5.2. Software Upgrade Over The Air (SUOTA) from the UM-B-092: DA1469x Software Platform Reference Manual .

Thanks, PM_Dialog