Current Consumption comparison between da14580 and da14585

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Diego Garcia
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Current Consumption comparison between da14580 and da14585

Hello there

I'm thinking about migrating from da14580 to da14585.
I know that da14585 heirs pretty much the same features of the da14580 in addition to new ones, but I wonder how much current consumes the 85 in comparison to the 80. I mean, in a general view, consumption is higher, lower or the same?

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Hi Diego Garcia,

Hi Diego Garcia,

Please check the Tutorial 4: Sleep modes current measurement for getting more information about the sleep modes and the current consumption in DA14585/6. For new applications, we highly recommend the usage of DA14585/6 and our new SDK6. In the support webpage of DA14585/6, you will find great variety of tutorials and software example that will help you to getting started.

Thanks, PM_Dialog