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Current measurement via DA14586 EVK

Hi Dialog Team,

We wanted to measure the current of daughterboard connected to DA14586 EVK.

Can you please let me know is there any way to measure the current?

Regards, Karan

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Hi karanshah28,

Hi karanshah28,

Do you have a custom board and you would like to connect it with the Pro-DK in order to activate the Power Profiler of SmartSnippets toolbox? If yes, you can power your board from the PRO motherboard J5 pin 23. This will allow you to use all features of the PowerProfiler in SmartSnippets ToolBox. If I am mistaken, please clarify you question.

You can also read Tutorial 4 from our support portal:


However, if you are starting a new design or project, we recommend to start with our newest Smartbond device named DA14531.  The SDK is much improved, we have a lot of code examples and improved documentation, and there is also software roadmap support. Also the power consumption is much improved.

Thanks, PM_Dialog