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DA14531 Practical Data Pump Throughput

I understand that the DA14531 supports 1 Mbps operation and not 2 Mbps data rates.  What is a practical maximum actual data rate in a good near-field situation?  I am assuming that a large value of MTU will be beneficial under these conditions.  A possible use case would be trying to transport up to 1 gigabit of data in one direction with minimal data in the other direction.  A 16 Mbps SPI data link to the chip is expected with negligible time spent negotiating that bus.  

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Hi rossgbaker2,

Hi rossgbaker2,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our BLE solutions. Since you are interested in developing a data-pumping project, I would recommend first checking the Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS) example – link is provided below :


Check also the UM-B-088: DA145x User Manual for Dialog Serial Port Service user manual to understand how the DSPS is working and what is the throughput. The DSPS is using the Data Length Extension (DLE) feature for higher throughputs.

Additionally, I would suggest you to take a look at the DA14585-DA14531 Dynamic DLE and L2CAP Packet size Optimization SW example.

This example examples aims to demonstrate:

- How to do a peer feature request for determining peer DLE capability

- How to request DLE and utilize larger packets to enhance throughput

- Basic principles of L2CAP 100% packet utilization

- Packet optimization for non DLE devices

Refer to the Readme file for getting more information which is under da14585-da14531-dynamic_dle_l2cap_packet_size_optimization\project_environment path.

Thanks, PM_Dialog