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DA14531 Digital Logic Level

What is the logic level for the module DA14531 ?
More specifically what is the voltage that the module detect for a 1  on the GPIO?

I'm asking this because  I want to use an I2C isolator  but this kind of device has a voltage reference (around 0.6V) on one side so it doesn't create an infinite loop
and I'm able send data but can't recieve, and looking at the osciloscope  I found that a signal that is not completely driven to ground (an acknoledge bit send by the slave) is not recognize by the module, and I could not find anything in the datasheet.

I know is not my software since I can communicate with the I2C sensor if connected directly.

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Hi magergar,

Hi magergar,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our TINY module BLE solution. Please see DA14531 Datasheet and Table 16: Digital Pad - Recommended Operating Conditions in section 3.11 Digital I/O Characteristics.

Thanks, PM_Dialog