DA14531 and Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding

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DA14531 and Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding


I've seen a forum post asking for the Direction Finding capabilities of the DA14531 - but it seems to be deleted now.

You've clarified, that the DA14531 won't support AoA/AoD but we've been wondering if it won't support acting as a locator because of its' low power or if it also won't be able to act as a tag (sending CTE in packages).

And if it won't be able to send CTE packages is there a specific reason for that?


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Hi Firefox2005,

Hi Firefox2005,

Thanks for your question in our public Bluetooth forums. DA14531 will not support the AoA/AoD/ToF use cases. The BLE Stack of the DA14531 supports BLE 5.1 core features. This does not include the transmission of CTE packets. An expansion of the features in the BLE Stack on this device is not scheduled. CTE capability will be added to BLE devices of the DA1469x product family in the course of 2020. Also, DA1469x will support AoA/AoD features.  

Thanks, PM_Dialog