DA14531 USB development 1wire programming issue

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DA14531 USB development 1wire programming issue


I've trying to load the production firmware by using 1-wire UART using the JLink CDC Uart, but I keep getting Error from sending the firmware to the FTDI device. See errors below.

Started downloading firmware \prod_test_531.hex to the board.

[INFO Booter @20-01-14 12:53:50] Read 22944 bytes from file \prod_test_531.hex.

[INFO RF Master @20-01-14 12:53:50] Connection to COM7 port has successfully opened.

[INFO RF Master @20-01-14 12:53:50] Started download procedure...

[ACTION RF Master @20-01-14 12:53:51] Please press the hardware reset button on the board to start the download process.

[INFO RF Master @20-01-14 12:53:57] Reset detected

[INFO Booter @20-01-14 12:54:06] Successfully disconnected from port COM7.

[ERROR RF Master @20-01-14 12:54:06] Error while sending firmware bytes to FTDI device.

[ERROR RF Master @20-01-14 12:54:06] Failed downloading firmware file to the board.

I can load the firmware through Jtag, but when I try to send 1-wire UART commands to the device with RF Master, I get the error below.

Failed sending command with op code 0x201E




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