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Craig Flanagan
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DA14585 Antenna Functionality

Hello, is the antenna functionality for the DA14585 essentially the same as for the DA14583, meaning
that the antenna i have used in the past for the DA14583 will work the same way for the DA14585.
Thank you. Craig

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Hi Craig Flanagan,

Hi Craig Flanagan,

Yes, you could use the antenna that you had used for the DA14583 to the DA14585.In case you would like to have printed  antenna,  if you search into our support page of DA14580 and DA14585, you will see the AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas for Bluetooth Smart, which is exactly the same for all DA1458x. This document provides guidelines for designing printed antennas for 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy applications on single-layer and multi-layer PCB stack-ups for DA1458x products.   Also, you could find the DXF files following this link AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas: DXF files.

Thanks, PM_Dialog