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DA14585 dev kit flashing strategy


I have DA14585-00ATDEVKT-B development kit and i'm a bit confused about using it with j-link software.
I've made steps described in "Getting started guide" (this one) and succeded in starting blinky example
as a debug session from Keil (ctrl+f5)

Native Keil project from SDK was confugred to "Use external tools for flash prgramming" with empty "command" string so it did nothing and I switched to "Use target driver.." with
"J-LINK/J-TRACE Cortex". Chip erasing seem to work well, but "Flash->Download" gives an "No Algorithm found for" error (RAM Start is set to 0x20000000).

So the question is - what are the right steps in configuring JLink for proper flash downloading?

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Hi turner57,

Hi turner57,

You cannot download code to the flash using Keil, you should only use Smart Snippets Toolbox in order to do so. What you did on your first attempt was to download code in sysram of the 585. The basic kit has an external flash attached, so if you would like to program the flash and boot from it in order for the code to be mirrored in the sysram of the 585 upon reset then you will have to use Smart Snippets tool and the flash programmer. Also dont forget to make the image bootable when burning the flash (the tool will prompt you for this).

Thanks MT_dialog

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Hi Turner57,

Hi Turner57,

For the DA14585 you can refer to this getting started guide.