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DA14585 Flash Memory

Hello, I am using a DA14585 microcontroller and I have one doubt, how much Flash Memory has DA14585 used in DA14585 Iot MultiSensor? 

I was looking at many information and it says that DA14585 has not Flash Memory but when I burnt new Firmware in the flash memory it starts working correctly. So, my question is, does the da14585 has Flash Programmable memory? If the answer is no, where is the firmware stored?


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Hi Luis_magadan,

Hi Luis_magadan,

The DA14585 does not include an embedded SPI flash, so an external flash is required. The DA14586 has an embedded SPI Flash (2MBits). Please se DA14585 and DA14586 datasheets. In case of the DA14585, if you are not using an external SPI flash, you can burn the System-RAM or OTP. Keep in mind that OTP stands for One Time Programmable, thus you can’t erase and re-write the OTP multiple times, but you can only flip the bits that are still set to 0 and turn them to 1.

Regarding the DA14585 IoT Multi-Sensor Development Kit an external SPI Flash is used (part number : MX25R2035FZUIL0). Please check the BOM files : DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit : HW Collaterals (version D).

Thanks, PM_Dialog