DA14586 Compatibity with smartphone supporting BT 4.2

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DA14586 Compatibity with smartphone supporting BT 4.2


I designed a device with DA14583. Now I want to upgrade the SoC to DA14586. I am able to program my board consisting DA14586 and it is running well. But I am unable to see the device on my BLE Scanner or Light Blue App. My phone does not support Bluetooth 5. But from internet I found that all BLE 5 devices are backward compatible. So I just want to know whether DA14586 can be connected to Smartphones which has only BLE 4.2 support,not BLE 5.

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Hi Muhammadali,

Hi Muhammadali,

The most possible reason why you are not able to see you device into your mobile BLE applications, is because of the DA14586 is not advertising, not because of the BLE5. Could you please check with Power Profiler of Smart Snippets tool, if your device is advertising or not? As you mention all devices are backward compatible. Also, in fact that is a custom board, it would be highly recommended to review it again.  

Thanks, PM_Dialog