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Jay Hamlin
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DA14586 SPI boot time pin mapping

The DA14586 datasheet says in table 1 "During the boot sequence, the four SPI pins of port P2 are used to access the internal Flash memory. Therefore these pins shall not be remapped or used for any other purpose.".
Please clarify: Isn't the issue just during booting? Are we ok as long as we don't interfere with the SPI traffic during booting?
If I want to use the same pins for SPI in my application (so I don't remap them), which pin is MISO and MOSI? I'm asking because table 1 also lists 2 directions for the DI and DO pins. In the GPIO section it says P2_4 is SPI_DO and P2_9 is SPI_DI. Later in the SPI section it says P2_4 is SPI_DI and P2_9 is SPI_DO. The picture Figure 3 says P2_4 is SPI_DI and P2_9 is SPI_DO. Which is it?

In my application the DA1`4586 will be SPI master. In this case which pin will be SPI_DI and SPI_DO so I don't have to remap them?

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Hi Jay Hamlin,

Hi Jay Hamlin,

If you check the SPI Bus Interface (page 19 ) section of Table 1: Pin Description in the DA14586 user manual, you will see Note 2 & 3 (page 21). According to these notes:

  • SPI_DI/P2_4 : Data input only. MOSI in SPI slave mode, MISO in SPI master mode
  • SPI_DO/P2_9  : Data output only. MISO in SPI slave mode, MOSI in SPI master mode


So, in your case, if you would like to configure the DA14586 as SPI master, the P2_4 should be the MISO, and the P2_9 should be the MOSI. Can you please describe a bit more what you mean with this question “Isn't the issue just during booting? Are we ok as long as we don't interfere with the SPI traffic during booting” ?

Also, the following past post might be helpful:


Thanks, PM_Dialog