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DA14681 power consumption is high


My PCB USES DA14681 and other peripheral chips, which are powered by GPIO of DA14681.

When DA14681 is in extended sleep mode, GPIO power is turned off, and the battery output current is 102uA. In DA14681 hibernation mode, the battery output current is 1.4uA.

Some PCB extended sleep power is abnormal, battery output current is 1.9mA, but hibernation power is normal.

I wonder if the power anomaly might be related to DA14681.

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Hi song,

Hi song,

It is not recommended to power up a peripheral module through a GPIO. When the chip is in extended sleep, I would suggest to the external supply pins (V33, VDD1V8, VDD1V8P). Please check the 4 Power management section of the DA1468x datasheet.

Thanks, PM_Dialog