DA1468x V33 Maximum current @ Sleep Mode

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Jun-ichi Tobe
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DA1468x V33 Maximum current @ Sleep Mode

Hello support team!

I would like to confirm the supply current from V33.
The application note (AN-B-061) says the following.
(Page 11)
 "V33: the 3.3 V LDO output rail. Supply by the VBAT 1 or the VBUS pin.
 A ceramic decoupling capacitor of 4.7 μF (C 3), should be added (0402 package, 6.3 V).
 The V33 LDOs are capable to deliver up to 100 mA in active mode and up to 3 mA in sleep mode. The V33 rail can not be turned off.”

Which is this "sleep mode", Deep Sleep mode or Extended Sleep mode ?
In both Sleep modes, is the maximum current up to 3 mA?

Also, in the Hibernation mode, will it be up to 3 mA or 100 mA?



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Hi Jun-ichi Tobe,

Hi Jun-ichi Tobe,

There is only the Extended Sleep mode with the new SDK, the Deep Sleep is no longer supported, in extended sleep and Hibernation the maximum current is up to 3mA, in active mode the device can deliver up to 100mA for the V33 and 75mA for the 1V8 and 1V8P.

Thanks MT_dialog