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DA14695 development kit and TrustZone

Hi there,

I have a DA14695 development kit and a DA14699 daughter board. Can I know if the development kit supports TrustZone and instruction trace? I found from the user manual that the chip supports MTB, but there is no detailed information about it. Could you please guide me to the correct technical support?


Thank you!

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Hi rabbitlennon,

Hi rabbitlennon,

Both TrustZone and instruction trace are optional. Dialog's M33 implementation does not support these two operations. The 69x has prorpietary security for the security. For tracing operations, user can employ the Macro Trace Buffer (MTB). To enable it, just add the following macro in custom_config_xxx.h.

#define dg_configENABLE_MTB             (1)

Note that MTB occupies the last 8kBytes of SySRAM.

Thanks, PM_Dialog