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DA1469x for EEG application?

Hello All,

I am hoping to use the DA 14695 for a school project to measure EEG waves. A couple questions I had:

1. Is it possible to connect the DA 14695 to an external amplifier like the AD620 (datasheet attached)?

2. How can I interface the electrodes with the GPIO pins?

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi toshiyo,

Hi toshiyo,

If I am able to understand correctly , you need an external circuitry to amplify and filter the very low amplitude "brain waves" to bring it to a voltage. Is that correct? This can be converted by the DA14695’s ADC. Be aware that the DA14695 includes an ADC and the analog output of his external amplifier can be converted to digital, if the voltage stays in the datasheet limits.

Thanks, PM_Dialog