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Design for automotive keyless entry


My team and I are designing an automotive security box, and we have to design a key to unlock the box.
The key needs to :

   -Work without buttons 

   -Last at least 1 year with a 210mAh battery

   -Be secured (send rolling messages for example)

I saw in the Smartbond Product Family presentation document of June 2020 that the DA1469x is a good choice for Automotive Keyless entry, so are there some reference designs for hardware and software that could fit my requirements ?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi tcattela,

Hi tcattela,

Thanks for your question online. I would recommend checking the DA1469x product page – link is provided below :


You will find great variety of documentations, tutorials and SW Examples that will help you get started with DA1469x.

For the hardware design, I would recommend to check the AN-B-066: Hardware Design Guidelines, as it provides all design guidelines needed to start developing your own board. For software, please check the UM-B-092: DA1469x Software Platform Reference Manual in order to understand the SDK10 architecture.

In section “Software Applications & Examples” and “Tutorials”, you will also find small examples to get started with our SDK10.

Thanks, PM_Dialog