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Firmware for SAM3U2C


I am a research specialist at Arizona State University, and I have recently purchased a DA14585 Development Kit - Pro.

I am building an adapter/converter board based on the Development Kit - Basic design, which will program an application board using a DA14585. My end goal is to connect my computer to my adapter/converter board and to connect my adapter/converter board to my application board (which utilizes a DA14585). The adapter/converter board will be able to aid in debugging and load the OTP program into the DA14585. In the Basic design, I observe that the SAM3U2C was programmed using a TagConnect connection. I am using this same chip in my adapter/converter board.

I would like to ask, is the firmware for the SAM3U2C available? And if so, how shall I go about programming it? In this post, I read about someone using a J-Link programmer to achieve this. My knowledge of programming microcontrollers is relatively narrow, so I would be very grateful for any guidance you can provide.



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Hi Dominic,

Hi Dominic,

You don’t need to have the SAM3U2C firmware in order start programming the DA14585 via JTAG. Addition, this firmware is not available. Since, you are newbie with our BLE solutions, let me share you some documents in order to get started. Moreover, I’d strongly recommend the usage of our latest SDK6, which is version 6.0.12.

In case of DA14585 Basic DK, I would suggest you to read the UM-B-048 DA14585 & DA14586 Getting Started Guide with the Basic-Development Kit (HTML) document.

Please go through the suggested documentation and let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Thanks, PM_Dialog