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F/W download to ram is failed(DA14681)

Hi DA,

I made own bluetootth board using DA14681.

Situation )
1) It is not possible to download F/W to ram ( using SmartSnippets Toobox).

2) 'Detect connected devices' on welcome page is not working.

3) 'Segger Ozone' tools can access register and memory inside of da14681.

I attach captured images for this situation and schematic of my board.

Jeongkyun Yim

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Hi jeongkyunyim,

Hi jeongkyunyim,

  1. When using SmartSnippets Toolbox, you are not able to download firmware into the system RAM. You can only download code either into SPI Flash or into OTP. Also, be aware that the DA1468x family devices boot from QSPI Flash. Please try to download firmware into the QSPI Flash by pressing the program_qspi_serial_win placed on the top panel of SmartSnippets IDE. After doing that, could you please let me know if you are able to download firmware correctly and if the DA14680 starts the booting procedure?
  2. As I am able to see form your attached schematic, you have only implemented a JTAG connector connected to the SWD pins of DA14680. Although, I cannot see the JTAG interface (JLink-lite) in your schematics. Can you please make clean if you are using the JTAG interface? If not, you will not be able to detect your board.
  3. Regarding your third question, could you please clarify which your issue is when using Segger Ozone?

Thanks, PM_Dialog