Interfacing PAN 1740 (from PAN1740 USB Dongle Breaout)with external MCU.

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Interfacing PAN 1740 (from PAN1740 USB Dongle Breaout)with external MCU.


I would like to interface PAN1740 from the PAN1740 USB Dongle breakout board to external MCU from Texas Instuments ( A development board which has USB to Serial converter).

Kindly see the image attached. I would like to solder the UART pins of PAN 1740 Dogle board to MCU. Is this method is fine?. Thank you.

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Hi Gandhi,

Hi Gandhi,

The schematics for PAN1740 USB are not available on our support website. Probably, you might refer to Panasonic for the schematics. Also, since there are not any headers available in the PCB, you might need to do some hand-made modification in order to put the cables n the UART pads.

Thanks, PM_Dialog