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JTag Connection Failing

I have setup a jtag plug as per the attached schematic. I copied this schematic from one of the examples.

Then I got the Segger J-Link EDU device here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017U578UW

Plugged it into the J-Lilnk Emulator JTAG device here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RBHOSTY so the cable could attach

And then I ran "JLinkGDBServer" and attempted to connect using SWD. The connection seems to fail every time.



1) How do I fix this so any connection at all is possible?

2) I didn't build in a reset button. Do I need a reset button to program the chips?

3) Will the JTAG and / or SWD connection provide power to the chip or do I need to power it?


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Hi ddustin,

Hi ddustin,

Be aware that we have never used the J-Link EDU in our designs. If you check our reference designs, you will see that we are using the J-Link Lite. As I can see form your attached schematic, you have the reset pin of the J-Link connected with the reset pin of the DA14583, don’t you? Could you please share me any snapshot of JLinkGDBServer configuration? If you would like to connect directly via the SEGGER tools you will have to use the SWD interface and not the JTAG interface (choose as an option in the SWD and not the JTAG) and then choose the DA14583 device. Regarding your third question, yes you need to power the DA14583 up. If you don’t power it up, I would suggest you to check the schematics of the DA14583 Pro-Daughterboard. Please follow this link : DA14583 DEVKT -Pro Daughterboard QFN40 Electrical Schematic

Thanks, PM_Dialog