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Near Field Mode


I have a question about the current consumption with NFM. I did measurements with and without NFM and i did't see a signifficant reduction of the power. The output power is -20dBm so normally you have a factor of 100.
I also find a post about the near field mode

Do you give me an answer why there is no reduction in power consumption?
What is the advantage of activating NFM, if it only reduces the range of communicating, but no power consumption?

Hope i get a quick response.

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Hi DavidW,

Hi DavidW,

The reason why there is no reduction in power consumption is that the DA14580 doesn't change the power of the RF amplifier because it isn’t possible to implement it in this design, but it puts the devices RX/TX switch to RX mode during transmission. This reduces the output power on the RFIOp pin, while the RFPA is still consuming the same power. So the only advantage of activating NFM is that the chip can be connected with a device very close to it (less than 10cm). This can be considered as a kind of added security.

Thanks, PM_Dialog