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Need help for a newbie

Dear moderators, I apologize for creating this topic. If it is inappropriate here, please remove it. I need your advice on the capabilities of your products. The task is to create two devices that can determine the distance between each other with an accuracy of 0.5 m using a radio channel (Bluetooth). I need your advice: 1. which of your products can provide this opportunity; 2. Is there a design kit for him, 3. Software for process modeling is available.

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Hi sirkiza@yahoo.com,

Hi sirkiza@yahoo.com,

Thanks for your question on our BLE forums.

Please take a look at our SmartBond™ Wireless Ranging (WiRa) SDK which is now available online and provides distance measurement on our BLE devices.

Applications: Social Distancing, Asset tracking, Indoor Positioning, Smart locks, Authentication (eg. for Mobile Payments)

Additionally, a Social Distancing Tag (SDT) reference application based on WiRa SDK is also provided. It combines WiRa SDK with RSSI measurement, BLE communication, datalogging and other functionalities uploaded into a single application.


Order information

DA14695 Bluetooth LE Development Kit (2pcs) pre-programmed boards with Wireless Ranging application

Order code: DA14695-00HQDEVKT-RANG

This is the product brief :


Thanks, PM_Dialog