Not able to flash into BLE module DA14580 own design board

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Not able to flash into BLE module DA14580 own design board


Hi everyone,

We are facing a high priority issue. We are not able to flash into our own design board(DA14580)

By using Segger J Link lite, we made connections 


J link 7th pin - SWDIO of Design Board

J link 9th pin - SWCLK of Design Board

J link 20th pin- GND of Design Board


We are trying to flash into SPI flash memory of the design board using SWD interface. After opening connected J link in Smart Snippet toolbox getting error 

No known chip found while opening JLink connection. Terminating process..."


How to overcome this? Please Consider this as a High Priority.





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Hi HarishKumar,

Hi HarishKumar,

Could you please indicate if you are using any of our DKs in order to program your custom board through JTAG? Or you are using an external JTAG?

Are you able to download firmware into System-RAM through Keil IDE using JTAG? Can you have the debugger attached and step in your code?

What is the version of SmartSnippets Toolbox (SST) that you are using? Could you please provide some screenshots?

Thanks, PM_Dialog