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P0_2 voltage

Hi all,

A 4.7K pull-up resistor is used to connect the GPIO pin P0_2.We set the pin as high level input state,however,the voltage between the pullup resistor is not zero.So the resistor comsumes about 10 uA.
The 4.7K pull-up resistor connecting the GPIO pin P0_4 and P2_0 comsumes no current.

Should I use another pin to decrease the standby current?

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Hi ericxiong,

Hi ericxiong,

I am not sure i get the question, i suppose that you are wondering why there is the 10uA current flow, i suppose that the external pullup has a slightly different voltage, so i assume that by configuring the pin without the internal PULLUP but just plain INPUT it would prevent the current flow.

Thanks MT_dialog