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PCB pad layout recommendations

I couldnt find the recommended dimensions of da14586 pads layout (qfn40 5x5 packaging).

why i didnt find it, i turned the whole datasheets and reference designs upside down.

anyone help me ?


Thank You

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Hi uprozarif,

Hi uprozarif,

Thanks for your question online. You will find the AN-B-054: DA14585/586 Application Hardware Design Guidelines application note on our support website. This document provides guidelines for preparing schematics and PCB layouts for your application using DA14585/DA14586. We don’t provide any specific document especially for qfn40 package.

Additionally, you will find the schematics, layouts and all HW collaterals in this webpage:


For the QFN package you can check this :

DA14585 DEVKT -Pro Daughterboard QFN40: BOM-, Layout-, Design-, Gerber- and ReadMe-files

Schematic symbols and PCB footprints are also available on SnapEDA website!


After signing up, you can download these in just about any format (Altium, Orcad, Eagle etc) for free! Both the QFN and CSP variants are supported.

Thanks, PM_Dialog