Power on reset and Undervoltage detection

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Power on reset and Undervoltage detection

Dear Dialog support team,

I want to know the detail information about reset specification.
Could you tell me below questions ?
1. Power on reset rising threshold voltage
2. Under voltage detection threshold
3. POR detect to RST deassertion delay
4. Could I change "Under voltage detection threshold" and "POR detect to Reset deassertion delay" ?

Best Regards,

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Hi imaizumi.k,

Hi imaizumi.k,

  1. The Power-On-Reset (POR) is not synchronized to any clock, but it is related to VDD. If the VDD reaches 600mV it takes about 2us to release POR. This means that, if the VDD stays under 600mV, then the POR will not be released.
  2. There is not any under voltage detection threshold in DA14580. Be aware that BOD functionality is not supported in DA14580.
  3. The POR and RST are completely independent blocks, so there is not any de-assertion delay to detect the reset signal. The RST is only an input to generate a reset and the POR is an internal block checking the VDD.
  4. Given the answers #2 and #3, you should not "Under voltage detection threshold" and "POR detect to Reset de-assertion delay"

Thanks, PM_Dialog