Programming the standalone DA14531 module with generic JTAG programmer

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Programming the standalone DA14531 module with generic JTAG programmer

Good day, and sorry if this was asked before, but I couldn't find anything that addressed my question.

I am designing a very small bluetooth-enabled PCB for a client. I want the client to have as little trouble in getting the module to run as possible so I wish to design the hardware accordingly. Since the size constraints are very tight I decide to use the module only instead of the board that you provide. I'm not 100% sure what is the best/easiest way to program these modules, but I think it will be very straightforward to use "Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer" and a JTAG interface. I can break out the JTAG pins on the module and stay inside the size constraints easily. My question is, does the flash programmer work with any generic JTAG programmer? There are many cheap JTAG interfaces like this one: , but I don't have neither the programmer, nor the module on hand, so I can't know for sure that the client won't run into issues. I am curious if the programmer will recognize either this, or any other interface, generic, or produced by dialog semi. Can you recommend any specific programmer that has been tested with your software and works well? 

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Hi Dodecahedron,

Hi Dodecahedron,

Thanks for your question and for your interest in our TINY module solution. The TINY module provides significant savings in development cost and time-to-market.

Are you planning to use the module as the main microcontroller in your design or together with another host microcontroller?

In general, you can program the module by 2 ways :


You will need to attach an external JTAG interface on P0_10/SWDIO and P0_2/SWCLK. For that scope, you should break out the aforementioned pins on the PCB, so that you can connected them physically to the external JTAG interface.

If you have the Pro DK, you can use its JTAG and program the module. I mean you can connect your PCB with the DK over JTAG and debug your application code. In our designs the J-Link LITE from SEGGER is used. To be honest I have never used this kind of JTAG interface that you mentioned.

FlashProgrammer tools support programming only by JTAG interface.

The SWD interface cannot be used to test/program the Module when using the Dialog Production Line Tool (PLT).

Via 1-wire UART Interface on P0_5

In order to program the Module using the 1-wire UART interface (P0_5), the programmer needs to be able to reset the DA14531. This can be achieved by cycling power to the module or by using the RST input.

Thanks, PM_Dialog