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Referent to AoA AoD BLE

Good day for anyone interested; I apologize beforehand for the inconvenience if this is not the right place to post this.
I'm designing a project using some BLE 5.1 AoD capabilities for location, and I have some questions.
The ideal scenario is to:   Have a device (tablet, micro PC, whatever is needed) to track the beacon generated by a chip/integratedminiboard and locate it accurately inside a building of like ten floors.
I saw a demo of Dialog semiconductor from 2019 showcasing this exact scenario.

I would like to know some details and know if there is the possibility of making a custom device with some added things. Also, something that I'm looking for and never found, What is the range of this?, Imagine that I come close enough to allow the conversation between the Bluetooth TX and RX,  but how close is close? Inside buildings or behind walls.

Let me know if this is not the right channel to communicate

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Hi MaricheT,

Hi MaricheT,

Thanks for posting online.  AoA/AoD BLE5.1 features are not yet enabled in the current SDK release for DA1469x devices. We kindly suggest to keep an eye on the release notes of upcoming SDK releases to check availability.

Thanks, PM_Dialog