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Terry Giles
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Simple Serial Cable Replacement

Hi Dialog


I want to use a DA14531 as a replacement for a serial cable used to set up a product. Nothing fancy I just wsnt to connect from a BLE equiped 'phone to a serial port, which currently uses an FTDI USB interface connected to a PC running a terminal emulator. Do you have firmware I can try out on my DA14531 USB Dev Kit and then can I then use this to program my target board?





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Hi Terry Giles,

Hi Terry Giles,

Thanks for your question. Please take a look at the following projects.

Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS)

The DSPS emulates a serial cable communication. It provides a simple substitute for RS-232 connections, including the familiar software flow control logic via Bluetooth low energy. The SPS software distribution includes the application and profile source codes and supports GAP Central/Peripheral roles. Keep in mind the HW Flow control is also required.  (2 additionally signals for the UART – RTS/CTS).

Here you can find all the available documentation:



The CodeLess allows you to quickly get started with wireless IoT applications with a set of AT Commands.  The CodeLess AT commands platform allows control over a local UART connected device as well as a remote device via BLE. You can create simple demos / applications / proof of concepts without any code development or build you own application on top!   Additionally, the CodeLess can be configured in “Binary mode”, for the purpose of data pumps wherein the Bluetooth CodeLess device transfers data without examining it contents, which is the preferred method for end to end raw data transfer.

Here you can find all the available documentation:


Thanks, PM_Dialog