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Software problems for Jtag and JLINK

In our project , we used keil to create our codes for the development kit of DA14580. It can download the codes to Jlink as well. But in our PCB board, we used JTAG ICE, ATMEGA16. The software we have for download code to this JTAG is AVR studio. Then we cannot use AVR studio to open the project file of our codes written in the software of keil. 

So that we cannot download the code we write to our PCB board. I am wondering that whether someone else faced the simialr problem before, and whether there are some software that can download the code to JTAG ICE, ATMEGA16, as well as open the file written in the software of Keil

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Hi zhehanc,

Hi zhehanc,

All the available SDK and SW example for DA1458x products are based on Keil IDE.

Thanks, PM_Dialog