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Solder sensors to da14681 board

For a university study I'm trying to create a wearable device that gets some data from some sensors and send them to another device using BLE. I am using the DA14681 board (I don't know wich package, in the box it's written "DA14681-01DKWEAR") and I alredy wrote the program. Now I just need to solder the sensors to the board, but I can't seem to find the correspondance between the pins.

We alredy looked at the materials provided in this question:

but we cannot find the information we need

For example one sensor is connected to the Pins P4_4 and P1_2 of the development kit, but we cannot find to what pins we must solder it.

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Hi MassimoDeFacci,

Hi MassimoDeFacci,

All the information you need are onto DA14681 Wearable Development Kit portal. Link is provided below:


Here you will find all the available documentation, user manuals and hardware collaterals.  In addition you will find the Allegro files that are used in the DK and the schematics as well.

Thanks, PM_Dialog

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Hello MassimoDeFacci,

Hello MassimoDeFacci,

Curious about your university study. I'm a student from Switzerland looking for project ideas with DA14681 Wearable kit (a university project). I thought I could port the Voice RCU software to the wearable kit, but apparently, it is not possible. Can I implement an NFC module on this device? Thank you.


Adrian Altenburger




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