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Some newbie question

Hi Dialog!
I have a project with smart bracelet wich includes heart rate monitor and NFC module. I'm never work with your boards before, so my questions is:

1)What tipe of DA 14xxx i should use?(Is DA 14585 well?)

2) What Dialog equipment wiil be necessary?

3)Do you have system for programming are couple (one by one) BLE without weldng?(Does Green Pak fit for it?)

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Hi Evgeniy,

Hi Evgeniy,

Thanks for posting your question in Bluetooth forums. Could you please provide me more inputs about the project that you are involved? Which are your requirements about the number of GPIOs, performance and memory?


Currently, there are 3 product families of Bluetooth LE chips, the DA1458x, the DA1468x and the DA1469x.


DA1458x family is focused on providing very low power consumption and a high level of integration, reducing board size and minimizing system cost. Targeted at simple applications such as beacons, proximity tags, remote controls etc or adding BLE functionality to a system that contains a host processor. Please check the DA14585/6 datasheets for our support website. You can also find great variety of software example, user manual and reference designs that will help you to getting started. The DA1458x SDK includes event driven kernel making application development easy.




DA1468x family is targeted for applications requiring more processing capability such as wearable activity trackers, watches and smart home devices. Designed to run from re-chargeable batteries and integrates a lot of the functionality usually required external when using such batteries. DA1468x SDK is based on a real-time preemptive Operating System named FreeRTOS. Please have a look:




DA1469x family is Dialog’s most advanced and most new product family, feature rich range of multi-core microcontroller units for wireless connectivity.




The SmartSnippets studio is to assist with key development activities: programming the OTP, SPI Flash, power measurements etc.  In DA1458x you should use the Keil MDK-ARM IDE.  For every of the above product families , there are Development board that will help you to start developing your product without creating a board from the scratch.

Thanks, PM_Dialog