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Using Built-in push button on DA14695

Dear all,

I wanted to see if anyone has been able to use the on board push button (marked as k1 on the board layout) from the DA14695 Board in their code? I would like to write a program that activates a BLE Scanner after pushing this button, however I cannot seem to find any ports or declarations in the code for it. Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi stevenchick,

Hi stevenchick,

Thanks for your question. Regarding the K1 button of the Pro-DK, you could check the DA1469x Tutorial External Interruption example from the DA1469x support website. To run this tutorial you will need he free_rtos  example of the SDK. The K1 button is mapped on the P06. Please check the brd_prodk_da1469x.h which is under sdk/config/boards project folder root and the button is defined in KEY configuration section.

#define KEY1_PORT       (HW_GPIO_PORT_0)

#define KEY1_PIN        (HW_GPIO_PIN_6)


#define KEY1_FUNC       (HW_GPIO_FUNC_GPIO)

Thanks, PM_Dialog