about da14683 soft reset

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about da14683 soft reset

HI! PM_Dialog,

        I have custom DA14683 boards and got problem about soft reset.

        I want to extend hours of battery life, so when device set to sleep mode with turn off all peripheral device.

        So when gpio interrupt to wake up da14683, I want to reset cpu to reload program.

        But I can't find any api from sdk about da14683 soft reset.

        SDK version -->DA1468x_DA15xxx_SDK_1.0.14.1081

        Do the sdk supoort soft reset?





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Hi kuda,

Hi kuda,

According to the DA14683 datasheet, if SYS_CTRL_REG[SW_RESET] bitfield is set to 1, then a SW reset will be generated. To so do, please set this bitfield to 1.


Thanks, PM_Dialog