Alexa Gadget and Tflite support

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Alexa Gadget and Tflite support

Hello All,

I have been scouting for some ble enabled device for my upcoming project and came across dialog Semiconductor.

Essentially, i want two functionalities in particular to be supported, and i was hoping if someone from the support team could point me in the right direction on what the right product would be for this.

Thr first functionality that i would like to incorporate is, Alexa Gadgets Toolkits 

More info:

The second thing that i would like to use is Tensorflow lite

More info:

Have the above two functionalities been tested, or if someone could guide me more on if what dialog product line would be best to use.

Appreciate the help!


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Hi muneebr1,

Hi muneebr1,

Thanks for your reaching out on our public Bluetooth forums. Sorry but we haven’t looked into that. If we have any news on that, we will let you know in this forum thread.

Thanks, PM_Dialog