The battery can't be charged for DA14683.

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The battery can't be charged for DA14683.

Hi Dialog,

At the beginning, the battery can be charged. After using it for a period of time, the battery can't be charged, so we are finding the reason why it can't be charged.

The battery is good. But the battery can't be charged.

Please help me to explain the following macro definitions.

bool hw_charger_check_vbus(void)
        uint16_t status = CRG_TOP->ANA_STATUS_REG;
        uint16_t mask = CRG_TOP_ANA_STATUS_REG_VBUS_AVAILABLE_Msk |
                        CRG_TOP_ANA_STATUS_REG_COMP_VBUS_LOW_Msk |
                        CRG_TOP_ANA_STATUS_REG_COMP_VBUS_HIGH_Msk |
        //printf("hw_charger_check_vbus status 0x%x \n", status);
        return ( ((status & mask) == mask) && !(status & CRG_TOP_ANA_STATUS_REG_LDO_SUPPLY_VBAT_OK_Msk));


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Hi xuguodong,

Hi xuguodong,

The hw_charger_check_vbus() function checks if the VBAT power is available. It also checks the values of the ANA_STATUS_REG. Please refer to the datasheet for more info. Please run it in debug mode, what is the value of this register? Does the code run properly, or is freezes into an assertion etc. ?

Additionally, do you have a custom firmware, or you are using any of the SDK example?

You could also read the following document:

Thanks, PM_Dialog