BIderectional communication between the GATT client and the GATT server

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BIderectional communication between the GATT client and the GATT server

Hello Dialog,

I am testing the examples BLE_central and the DA1469x_Custom_service example to read and write some data between the devices. I can read and write the data from central to the peripheral. In the same way, I want to read from and write to the central from the peripheral.

1. For this, as far as I understand, I need to define the services and characteristics in the BLE_central as well. Is this correct since we can make use of  gattc_read and gattc_write api's with connection index and handles as argments?

2. Also, this means giving the discovery services and characteristics API's in the peripheral?

3. There are some API's like "do_char_value_write" and "do_char_value_read" in the "DA1469x_Custom_service example/ble_custom_service.c". Are these handlers for writing and reading data to the central. How can we exactly use them? It's not clear for me.






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Hi Prasanna,

Hi Prasanna,

Apologies for the delay. Is this ticket related to the following tickets ?

If yes, we are working on this example and will release an updated version soon.

In the meanwhile, you can check the DA1469x Power Consumption Central and DA1469x Power Consumption Peripheral SW Examples.

Thanks, PM_Dialog