BLE Advertising Enable Command Fails post BLE Scanning is enabled

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Nitish W
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BLE Advertising Enable Command Fails post BLE Scanning is enabled

** Starting New thread for this issue **
** Copying from Topic: Using BT HCI over UART for DA14585 **

Issue: BLE Advertising Enable Command Fails post BLE Scanning is enabled(as per the BT spec, both adv & le scan can go simultaneously(by time sharing)).
1. Built the project DA14585_SDK\\projects\target_apps\hci for 585 using Keil. (Tried disabling and enabling Sleep mode app_default_sleep_mode)
2. Now using SmartSnippets Toolbox with Jtag configuration for Da14585 option selected, opened the device and selected the 'Booter' tool.
- Used the DA14585\DA14585_SDK\\projects\target_apps\hci\hci\Keil_5\out_585\hci_585.hex binary that is generated using keil.
3. Post downloading the fw is successful.
4. Run my host stack over the DA585, then host app does the ble scan enable and then followed by ble advertising enable. But the advertising enable hci command(0x200a) fails with status 'cmd disallowed 0x0C'.
Nitish:: prepare_cmd: opcode=0x2008

Nitish:: prepare_cmd: opcode=0x2006

prepare_cmd: params[0]=0x40
prepare_cmd: params[1]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[2]=0xa0
prepare_cmd: params[3]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[4]=0x3
prepare_cmd: params[5]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[6]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[7]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[8]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[9]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[10]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[11]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[12]=0x0
prepare_cmd: params[13]=0x7
prepare_cmd: params[14]=0x0
Nitish:: prepare_cmd: opcode=0x200a

prepare_cmd: params[0]=0x1
CC_evt: opcode=0x2008, status=0x00

CC_evt: opcode=0x2006, status=0x00

CC_evt: opcode=0x200a, status=0x0c

5. But when the same adv enable command is executed without issuing the BLE scan enable command then it succeeds. I think this is the root cause of the issue. Kindly confirm the issue and share us the fix for this issue.

1. And the same host app and stack runs on different ble controller fine. And the issued commands are BT 5.0 spec compliant.
2. Attaching the hci commands and events sent & received to/from controller for reference.



Wed, 2017-10-11 15:37
Hi Nitish W,

Regarding the fact that you are not able to post a new question, please open one of the three main categories on the support forum and there should be a black button indicating "New Topic" are you able to see that.

Regarding your second question, the BLE stack of the 585 doesn't support scan and advertising at the same time, when you are connected you can scan or advertise but not advertise and scan simultaneously. So have you stopped the scanning or the advertising before starting the new advertising or scanning accordingly ?

Thanks MT_dialog


Hi MT_Dialog,

1. I don't see the 'New Topic' option, if i directly go to forums menu. But i see it if i go through the Home->software->new_topic. But anyways, thanks i got it.

Now coming to the Advertising and Scanning issue.
1. Firstly am using only the DA585 HCI target app, which is only the BLE firmware. Am using the custom BT/BLE HOST Stack and Application, which can do both the advertising and scanning simultaneously.
2. Also, Core BTSig specification versions 4.2/5.0, does not restrict doing scanning and advertising simultaneously. And the need for application is to do the Ble advertising and scanning simultaneously. And this feature works fine with other BLE product firmwares. Seeing this issue only with Dialog firmware.
So, Kindly help fixing this issue.


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Hi Nitish W,

Hi Nitish W,

I would like to ask you to contact Dialog directly via mail for any further questions that you may have, using the mail contacts that have been provided.

Thanks MT_dialog