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BLE Custom Profile -Bonding

Hi, where can i change tk.key in Training_05_ble_secutity_example? the truct type security_configuration in SDK 5.0.4 does not have the "tk" field. And when i debug the example without any changes and use Light Blue app( to scan the device), I don't see the device.  Can you tell me why the code does not run corectly(Must I change the code before debug the program?) and where can i change the tk.key and csrk.key?

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Hi Thanhtu131,

Hi Thanhtu131,

The Training_05_ble_secutity_example is based on a previous SDK version, but there is not any roadmap to update the training materials for SDK5.0.4.  You could have a look at DA14585/6 products and our new SDK6, and you will find greater variety of software example and more detailed documentation and update training material.

The most possible reason why the ble_app_security example is not working is because you don’t have connected the SPI Flash. Please check the USER_CFG_APP_BOND_DB_USE_SPI_FLASH macro in user_config header file. If it is defined, the application will store the bonding data into the SPI Flash, so if you are using any of our development boards, you should make should that you have place the jumpers in the correct positions.

In order to change the pass key, please check for APP_SECURITY_MITM_PASSKEY_VAL macro in user_security header file.

Thanks, PM_Dialog