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Abdul algh
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BLE evaluation kit

I want to buy your BLE evaluation kit, but would like to make sure I can use it for my custom application first. I want to use the kit to transmit non-connectable advertisement packets. I want to have control on the timing gap between packets at a given advertising event. Is that possible with your BLE stack ? My goal is to go as low as 50usec beween packets in one event.

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Hi Abdul algh,

Hi Abdul algh,

I am not sure about what exactly you are asking, anyway, you will be able to advertise in non connectable mode with the 580 SoC and the advertising interval is configurable (if this is what you are interested in). Having the advertising interval as short as 50 us is not possible besides the spec allows a specific range of values for the advertising interval. If you mean that you would like to change the interval between each advertising channel in one advertising event, this is also possible, but not as short as 50us. The minimum interval on a full advertising string in non-connectable advertising can be about 500us and the gap between each advertising event about 165us from some preliminary measurements. You can check how this looks like (i mean how the shortening of the advertising gap) in beacon reference design.

Thanks MT_dialog