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I am working on ble_app_peripheral project. The API ble_advtim_set() reduces the advertising interval between each advertising channel as suggested in the post : https://support.dialog-semiconductor.com/using-beacon-reference-design-a... . My query is about the default value of the parameter of this api. Also,I observed that, on setting ble_advtim_set(0) in user_app_init(), the BLE packets were not getting transmitted. Please suggest the reasons for the same.


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Hi wisilica,

Hi wisilica,

Please take a look at the post that you ve made a few time ago, https://support.dialog-semiconductor.com/forums/post/dialog-smartbond-bl..., what applies for the 580 applies for the 585. The default value is identical to the 580, meaning 1500us between each advertising channel, but apparently it wont let you advertise with 0 interval between each advertising channel and wont adjust the value in order to perform the advertising, as far as i ve tested the minimum value that you can set the register depends on the length of your advertising string.

Thanks MT_dialog