CODELESS Project Size Reducing - Problem Solved....

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CODELESS Project Size Reducing - Problem Solved....

Dear Dialog,

Thanks for your answer.

The image-size reduction was possible by disabling two #define lines in user_at_commands: (the rest of the defines had no significant size reduction effect)

//#define USE_AT_CONPAR and //#define USE_AT_BND was effective and after linking, the code-size reported is: 27812 (for codeless_531_datapump). So, I can compile the project now without extra Keil license.

To rebuild the project was necessary for me because the original AT+GAPSCAN command had severe problem scanning peripheral devices (like beacons advertising telemetry data). Originally it was only scanning other Dialog-peripheral devices and only addresses were listed without the advertised raw-data, so I had to modify the function: void user_on_adv_report_ind(struct gapm_adv_report_ind const* param) in user_codeless.c file. But it works now.

Thank you very much for your support.



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Hi janosM,

Hi janosM,

I assume this ticket is related to this one :

Thanks for posting the comment and glad that you figured this out.

Thanks, PM_Dialog