AT command Codeless development

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AT command Codeless development

Hi, I saw there are new library to made 14580 become a AT command Bluetooth module. But it is possible to build something on top of that library? I mean as it only listen and wait for AT command, can I make it execute command by itself at first. For example, connect to a fixed Bluetooth address once power on then wait for further command. Thank you.

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That should be possible. Take a look at the function void user_execute_commands(char* cmd) in the user_codeless.c. This function takes a string of semicolon separated AT commands and executes them one bu one. Please understand that this feature has seen a minimum of testing and that you might see issues when issuing commands that use the Bluetooth stack. 

I other words, this is achieveable, but you will need to do some work yourself.

This feature is actually on the list of improvements already, but the release date it is unknown at this time.