Concurrent operation of Central and Peripheral mode

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Concurrent operation of Central and Peripheral mode


I am using the DA14531MOD module on an IoT-device and want to connect to BT sensors with the module as master/central and "simultaneously" connect a smartphone to the module which can control the IoT device with the module as slave/peripheral. When the IoT device connects to the sensors to achieve their data, the user should not get a disconnect notification in the app on its smartphone. 

Is it possible to set up this configuration with CodeLess? And how can I do this?
How many connections at one time are possible with the DA14531MOD in central role?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Thieny,

Hi Thieny,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our TINY module solution.

The DA14531 supports up to 3 BLE connections. Please see section from the UM-B-119: DA14585-DA14531 SW Platform Reference and search for the CFG_MAX_CONNECTIONS.

With regards to the CodeLess, this AT command is not supported but let me ask this internally just to make  sure.

Thanks, PM_Dialog