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DA14531 dual role

Hi Dialog!

Can DA14531 act as dual role device:

a) central and peripheral?

b) central and observer?

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Hi alechek,

Hi alechek,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our BLE solution.

According to Bluetooth LE specification, it is not possible to scan ( GAP Central role)  and advertise ( GAP Peripheral role)  at the same time. You can perform role switching from Peripheral to Central GAP configuration and vice versa. This can be done by setting the role to GAP_ROLE_ALL, so that you can either advertise or scan. It’s not possible to do both simultaneously.

If you check the any of the SDK BLE examples, the DA14531 is configured as GAP Peripheral role, so the application starts advertising (undirected). You could use an app_easy_timer() and upon its expiration, stop advertising. As soon as the advertisement is stopped, you can configure the device as a Central and start scanning. You can either wait for the scan to complete (if you are scanning in GAP_GEN_DISCOVERY) or set an additional timer and cancel the scanning procedure.  When the scanning is completed, maybe you can start advertising again.

Thanks, PM_Dialog