DA14531 firmware update without using motherboard

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DA14531 firmware update without using motherboard

I would like to program the Codeless AT firmware into a DA14531 Tiny module. I have the hex file, and I have SmartSnippetsStudio2.0.14 installed on my Linux machine. However, SmartSnippets can't seem to connect to the module. I see serial port activity on the scope, so I think the serial port is correct. I am using 1 wire to J14 (P0_5). My hardware setup is:


Linux host -> FTDI interface -> 2-wire to 1-wire circuit -> DA14531 Tiny module


I am not currently using a Dialog motherboard to do this -- is it possible to program a Tiny module directly as I am trying to do?


Does anyone sell the Tiny module with the Codeless AT firmware already programmed?





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Hi Chris, 

Hi Chris, 

It is not quite possible to burn firmware onto DA14531 tiny module directly without its mother board. 

And also it is required mother board when using SmartSnippets  studio. I think it is also the reason why your SmartSnippets  studio seems not to work properly. 

If you need other information about DA14531 tiny module, the below link might be helpful for you. 


And an overall user manual for tiny module is also availiable: 



Best regards