DA14531 Kit-USB, blinky example problem

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DA14531 Kit-USB, blinky example problem


I have recently started to work with the DA14531 Kit-USB.

After reception of the board I have tested the Demo. Everything was fine: led was blinking and the BD address was received by my computer terminal via UART.

I then tried to use the blinky example, as explained in the tutorial, and here comes the problem:
When I start the debug session in Keil, I can see the led blinking (I have tried to change the blinking frequency to be sure that it was the good code, and it is), but I can't receive the communication with my terminal. Am I missing something (like hardware configuration, pin assignments or something)?

  • The switches are in the default configuration,
  • I have a second kit (same, USB) with the default Demo and I am still able to receive the BD address via UART with this one,
  • I am using Realterm, but also tried Tera term and PuTTY without better results


Do you have any hint to solve this?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi MathieuB,

Hi MathieuB,

Thanks for your question online and glad that you’ve started working on the DA14531 USB Kit.

The USB Kit comes along with a preloaded firmware which is available on our support website. For you convenience, here is the link to download it : DA14531 USB preloaded firmware

This project, as all our Software examples, contain only the user application without the SDK. To do so, you will have to link it with the SDK6.0.12 and then compile it. You will find details steps in  Software example Setup using Python Link Script document. Additionally, the DA14531_USB_Preloaded _Firmware\doc\Readme.html provides the SW and HW configuration required and the  UM-B-121 DA14531 Quick Started Guide with the USB Development Kit shows you how to run the example.

Please refer to UM-B-121: DA14531 Quick Started Guide with the USB Development Kit document and Table 1: DA14531 USB Development Kit Pin Assignment. As you can see, the UTX and UTX are mapped to P0_0 and P0_1 (except from the Single UART). This means that you should change the UART configuration in user_periph_setup.h accordingly. In case of bliny example, UTX is configured to P0_6 so you should change it to P0_0. Also, DIP switches should be configured in the correct position according to 5.6 Optional 2-/4-Wire UART section. A general-purpose LED is assigned to GPIO P0_9.

If you are new user with our DA14531, I would strongly recommend you first checking the following document. These documents will help you to understand the SDK architecture and our provided examples.

Thanks, PM_Dialog

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Hi, I have the blinky example

Hi, I have the blinky example working on the USB kit with this solution:


I hope it will work for you as well.

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Thank PM_Dialog for your

Thank PM_Dialog for your quick answer and the explanation, and thank jcdr for the link.