DA14580/585 GPIO Initial Setting

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Jun-ichi Tobe
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DA14580/585 GPIO Initial Setting

Hello support,

When using DA14585(SDK6.0.2) and DA14580(SDK5.0.4),
GPIO is pull-down when power is turned on.

Is it possible using OTP to change the initial setting of any (not all) GPIO to pull-up (or open)?
Would you please tell me how to set it if possible.



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Hi Jun-ichi Tobe,

Hi Jun-ichi Tobe,

No, the state of the pins is set by the rom bootloader, and there is no set to alter this in the OTP, a solution to that and still boot from SPI perhaps would be to use the secondary bootloader apply the configurations that you would like and burn it in OTP, so the 580 will boot from OTP and run straight the secondary bootloader with the configuration of the pins that you have set, if that suits you. But until the secondary bootloader will be running the pins will still be in pulled down.

Thanks MT_dialog