DA14583 ADC Returning wrong value

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DA14583 ADC Returning wrong value


We are seeing a problem when trying to read the ADC on the DA14583

We are applying 2100mv to the input, however, this is not working as expected.


The setup is as follows:

Attenuator is enabled (GPC_ADC_ATTN3X) 

Single ended is enabled (GPC_ADC_SE)

We read a value of 323 ADC Counts

So in theory, the following calculation should work, however, the value is 1000mV low:

mV = ((1200.0 / 1023.0) * 323) * 3.0 = 1136mV


Please advise,



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Hi Nigel,

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your question. Would it be possible to share with me the code snippets that you are using for the ADC configuration?

Thanks, PM_Dialog